Real Estate Transactions / Boundary Survey

Urban Surveying, Inc. (USI) will evaluate your property evidence in order to locate the physical boundaries. Using information gathered by crews on the ground and evidence recorded in county courthouses, USI will determine where the legal boundary of the property is located.

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Type of surveys used to gather this information include the following:

Lot Survey Lot Survey

Determines the acreage contained in a tract. Locates the boundary lines of the tract, the actual distances of those lines along with existence and location of easements, utility lines and right-of-way.

Lot Survey Mortgage Loan Inspection

Simple Survey that delineates land boundaries and building locations. In many places, lending institutions as a precondition for a mortgage loan require a mortgage survey.

Lot Survey Boundary Survey

Boundary of a property, mainly used on acreages. It establishes boundaries of parcel using its legal description, which typically involves the setting or restoration of monuments or markers at the corners or along the lines of parcel, often in the form of iron rods, pipes or concrete monuments in the ground, or nails set in concrete or asphalt.

Lot Survey Improvement Survey

Usually on acreage, shows any improvements made to the property: structures, fences, water well or septic tanks, etc.

Lot Survey

ALTA Survey
A surveying standard jointly proposed by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Manning that incorporates elements of the boundary survey, mortgage survey, and topographic survey.

Lot Survey Division Survey

Any piece of property being divided into two or more pieces.