Urban Surveying, Inc. possess a depth of surveying resources that is unparalleled in our industry. We recognize that timely, accurate, and thorough surveying is critical to the success of a project and we meet those challenges daily by employing the most advanced technology and instrumentation. We press toward progress; standing ready to deliver the latest and greatest technological advancements to your next project.

As a result of systematic corporate planning and diligent implementation, USI continues to grow and expand in a time when others are satisfied to live another day. Focused expansion has resulted in a large project portfolio and opportunities, which increase our geographic presence to benefit our new and existing clients.

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Real Estate Transactions / Boundary Surveys

Urban Surveying, Inc. will evaluate your property evidence in order to locate the physical boundaries of your property. The evaluation consists of physical field evidence, written record evidence, and field measurements to form an opinion as to where the property lines are located.

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FEMA Flood Plane Certification

If you live in, or are considering moving to, areas where flooding may be a problem, then you may be in need of special land surveying or certification.

Engineering Support Surveys

Whether you are an architect, a civil engineer, or an environmental specialist, Urban Surveying, Inc. has the tools and highly qualified staff to help you with any project.

Construction Staking

Urban Surveying, Inc. will perform a construction staking survey which is a vital step in the building process that can directly influence whether a project finishes on time, on budget, and free from errors.

Oil & Gas Industries

Urban Surveying, Inc. will locate existing oil and gas utilities for consideration in engineering design, utility relocation, and right-of-way acquisition and negotiation.